Friday, January 31, 2014

THE "ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA" NUMBER IS A SHOWSTOPPER:  Coming to the West End next year (and, presumably, Broadway thereafter)--Back To The Future: The Musical.  Provide your suggestions for songs (yes, there will be original songs, in addition to "Johnny B. Goode" and "Power of Love" making appearances) and for casting (Darren Criss as Marty? Norbert Leo Butz as Doc Brown?).


  1. Adam B.9:22 AM

    Chris Colfer as Marty? I guess Act I ends with the realization that the lightning at the dance is how they have to fix things?

  2. Joseph Finn9:33 AM

    Cristin Milioti as Lorrain Baines.

    The climactic song is "Lightning Stops The Clock Of My Heart," written by Sebastian Bach.

  3. Marsha1:27 PM

    It's time for Crispin Glover to play Doc Brown.

    (Anne Hathaway! NPH!)

  4. Marsha1:28 PM

    Yes, yes, yes on Milioti.

    I assume you watched this week's HIMYM? I would buy her La Vie en Rose as a download. (Also her english muffin song, but that seems less of a possibility.)

  5. Joseph Finn3:17 PM

    Lordy, she has a delightful voice, doesn't she? Loved HOW I MET YOUR FATHER.

  6. The lovely La Vie En Rose is available on iTunes. She's great, but she might be a little old for the part--she's 28, and Lea Thompson was early 20s.

  7. Adam C.5:25 PM

    And here I was, coming to say NPH as George McFly.

  8. Joseph Finn9:51 PM

    Lea was 24, only 4 years younger.

  9. I'm pretty sure we've done this before, because I'm pretty sure I proposed a song for the future Mayor Goldie Wilson...