Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BECAUSE ALOTT5MA UNNECESSARY REMAKES WEEK NEVER ENDS:  A "gritty action comedy with heart" Fletch reboot, starring Jason Sudeikis?


  1. It's not a remake. "Fletch Won" is a shitty prequel Mcdonald wrote a
    decade after "Fletch" that basically ignores and rewrites all the
    established back history from "Fletch" and "Confess, Fletch." Actually,
    "Fletch" provides very little background about Fletch, the character.
    Most of Fletch's bio is provided in one or two chapters of "Confess,
    Fletch" and then "Fletch Fortunes" contains some new info (it's been a
    long time since I've read that one, so I may be wrong.) But I digress..

    you want a gritty Fletch movie, just properly remake "Fletch." In the
    book, Fletch is a narcissistic asshole and a not so borderline
    misogynist, sleeping with an underage drug addict as part of his
    undercover work to nail down a story. Basically steals a fortune and
    screws over everyone else. But with funny quips, so it's cool. Kind of a
    dark antihero for what appears to be a breezy mystery.

    probably made some version of this comment before concerning Fletch
    posts; if so, I apologize for being repetitive. "Fletch" is a fun read,
    "Confess, Fletch" is even better. After that, you can stop.

  2. Chevy Chase playing a narcissistic asshole and not so borderline misogynist? SHOCKER!

  3. I do not understand the continued popularity of Jason Sudeikis. His face is pretty much the epitome of douche face.

  4. bill.7:43 PM

    Of Mcdonald's nonFletch/Flynn books, I'd recommend "Who Took Toby Rinaldi?" A persistent 8-year old talks his kidnappers into taking him to a Disneyland type theme park.