Thursday, March 13, 2014

WILL YOU GO TO LUNCH? GO TO LUNCH. WILL YOU GO TO LUNCH? AVClub reviews Kevin Spacey's career arc, and I'll give you two representative passages:
Is there anyone in the 86-year history of the Academy Awards who reacted as badly to winning one of the big prizes as Spacey? Not since Kevin Costner decided that he was Clint Eastwood has a big star so badly misjudged his own talent and appeal. Free to select his own leading-man vehicles, Spacey decided that he needed to appear in the most maudlin, turgid movies available, playing shy, lonely characters. Any character exhibiting physical disfigurement got an automatic callback. ... 
The role of Frank Underwood is a roots move, Spacey’s equivalent Bruce Springsteen recording a solo album in his bathroom between stadium tours and symphonic albums for the purpose of shoring up authenticity cred. 


  1. Marsha8:19 PM

    And they got through the entire thing without mentioning Glengarry Glen Ross. Not sure how.

  2. Adam B.10:11 AM

    It's certainly how I first really noticed him.