Tuesday, March 11, 2014

JEFFREY CORBIN GUESSED "SOME KIND OF BEEF":  If every state had its own Official Meat.


  1. Benner12:00 PM

    Shouldn't Pennsylvania be Scrapple?

  2. gtv20002:27 PM

    I would have gone for Italian beef for Illinois, and rocky mountain oysters for Colorado.

  3. Joseph Finn4:33 PM

    ...and was written by an insane person, of course. Your basic choices for Illinois are hot dogs and Italian beef and you go with a porterhouse? For pete's sake.

    (Question for New Yorkers, since the hot dog is so obviously for Illinois, what is the correct answer for New York?)

  4. Joseph Finn4:33 PM

    It has to be a rum-soaked ham though.

  5. pfrduke5:54 PM

    Wouldn't the "new york" strip steak be the appropriate choice?

  6. Mr. Cosmo2:25 PM

    I agree that New York Strip steak might be appropriate, but so might pastrami (nowhere on the list) or corned beef (Michigan? Really?).
    And not that it should be New York, but is fried chicken really no state's best meat?