Wednesday, March 12, 2014

VOICED BILABIAL STOP:  Webster's Unabridged is adding around 2000 "B" entries, including bacony ("a fine adjective to describe something that resembles bacon"), bad hair day, badassery (“the state or condition of being a badass; badass quality or character” or to “the actions or behavior characteristic of a badass”), belt-and-suspenders, bigfoot (the verb), body man and body woman, bork (the verb), and big-time (verb: "to treat dismissively or as an inferior").


  1. Christy in Philly2:19 PM

    I had to google belt-and-suspenders and bork. After looking up bigfoot (the verb), I'm still not sure I get it. And big-time seems to mean exactly the opposite of what I would think it to mean. Am I just getting old? These things just don't make sense to me!

  2. Adam B.3:01 PM

    E.g.: "Jim Gardner really bigfoots his way around the WPVI studio; you can't do a damn thing he doesn't want. He'll big-time anyone who hasn't been there for at least a decade."

  3. gtv20003:34 PM

    Seems like "belt-and-suspenders" has been around for decades. Why is it now being added? It doesn't seem like its use has suddenly increased.

  4. Christy in Philly3:53 PM

    Thanks for the Philly-specific example!

  5. Heather K4:25 PM

    I think it is very brit-centric, so maybe it has incresed over there?