Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TAKE UP OUR QUARREL WITH THE FOE! This blog feels the same about Belgium as it did in 2007:
What’s so great about a country that essentially serves as a highway for France and Germany to invade each other, and the name of which the rest of the universe considers the foulest of insults? It doesn’t even have its own language, just two outrageous accents: Dutch and French. And, frankly, Brussels sprouts far outweigh the salutary cuisine springing from this country. Perhaps the archaic remnant of von Metternich’s world design should be consigned to the ash heap of history. Dutch-dominated Flanders can hi-diddily-hightail it back to the Netherlands, and French Walloons can return to a country where they will still be insulted, but now in a language they can understand.
I believe that we will win!


  1. The word is, of course, the most unspeakable in the Galaxy--http://io9.com/5931788/how-american-delicacy-turned-belgium-into-a-dirty-word

  2. Joseph Finn10:52 AM

    Wait, how did I not know this story?

  3. I had both the American paperback, which used "Belgium" and the big deluxe omnibus which used "fuck."

    Honestly, I think Belgium is the funnier line.

  4. Joseph Finn11:35 AM

    It is!

  5. Also, relevant Voxsplaining! http://www.vox.com/2014/6/30/5855352/the-case-against-belgium