Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OBVIOUSLY, THIS PERSON HAS NEVER FLOWN USAIRWAYS:  In a classic example of the #slatepitches genre, J. Bryan Lowder wishes you'd dress up a bit the next time you took a flight:
As everyone knows, travel these days can be practically barbaric: Space is cramped, in-flight meals are lackluster, and premiums are charged for everything from checking bags to watching TV to munching snacks. The weary traveler has little control over these things, but he can control his own outfit—and feeling handsome amid all the inhumanities can be powerfully heartening. What’s more, traveling, despite its continuing degradation, should be exciting—it’s a special occasion! Just as you might buy yourself an in-flight cocktail or a frivolous magazine at the concourse newsstand to brighten the experience, you should wear flattering clothes as a small way of marking travel as a singular experience.


  1. My general rule for dressing for air travel is to wear something that would be passable if I had to wear it for the entirety of my trip. Especially if I've checked luggage instead of going all carry-on. This usually has the effect of seeing me in something somewhere on the business casual spectrum.

  2. Joseph Finn1:40 PM

    You know what? I'm OK with this, but only if it's in trade for every airline on the planet to disable the recline button on all seats.

  3. Tosy and Cosh5:52 PM

    On business trips, I will often change into shorts and a t-shirt at the airport so I don't have to travel in dress slacks and a button-up shirt. Flying is uncomfortable enough.

  4. Marsha6:51 PM

    My travel outfit is designed for minimizing TSA delays and maximizing comfort. I have a pair of elastic waist gray pants that are soft and comfy and vaguely presentable that I wear on almost every flight, paired with a long tshirt.

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