Thursday, September 11, 2014

THAT'S THE NEWS, AND THEY'RE STICKING TO IT:  Weekend Update will have a different anchor team in a few weeks.  Surprisingly, it's Cecily Strong, and not Colin Jost, getting the axe, with Strong being replaced by Michael Che, who'll be Update's first African-American anchor.


  1. Adam B.9:40 PM

    You beat me to it:

    LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S TWO MEN: Comedian Michael Che to replace Cecil Strong in the SNL Weekend Update chair next to Colin Jost, which is good news if you want more Strong in sketches (which she wanted), though bad news if like me you fear the show's gradual retreat from the female-centric Fey-Poehler-Rudolph-Dratch era, and can't understand the appeal of Jost.

    In other, less controversial news, in honor of the show's 40th anniversary they'll use the Saturdays at 10pm slot to re-air a single (edited down) episode from each of the show's past seasons. (Including even the Doumanian one, I guess?)

  2. Joseph Finn8:33 AM

    Way to miss the actual problem, SNL.

  3. Alan Sepinwall8:42 AM

    They could, in theory, run highlights from the one Ebersol-produced episode made at the end of that season after Doumanian and many of the actors were fired.

    Either way, there has to be one with enough Murphy and Piscopo in it that will serve as a non-abomination.

  4. And, remember that they are editing down from 90 minutes to 60. The likely bet from that season seems like Charlene Tilton's episode, which had the first "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood," an extended "Who Shot JR" bit, and music from Todd Rundgren and Prince.