Wednesday, September 10, 2014

THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS:  Despite being a beloved movie musical, Gigi was not a hit in its prior Broadway production.  Is a new production starring Vanessa Hudgens going to change that?


  1. Joseph Finn2:52 PM

    Only if they cut that song, possibly the creepiest performance in a major Hollywood movie musical.

  2. bill.8:22 PM

    I've never watched Gigi and really only know the song from Peter Sellers doing it in Revenge of the Pink Panther: youtube link. In looking up that clip I also found out they released a single of Sellers singing the song with a brass band.

  3. Maggie10:58 AM

    I agree with Finn re: "Thank Heaven for Little Girls", but do adore Gigi. Most of that has to do with Leslie Caron and Hermione Gingold and I'm not sure Vanessa Hudgens can hold a candle to Leslie Caron.