Monday, September 8, 2014

ON A MIDNIGHT RADIO:  Your next Broadway Hedwig?  Michael C. Hall.


  1. Saray1:25 PM

    Was Rannells not working? Not selling tickets? Seems like a pretty speedy replacement.

  2. christy in nyc1:32 PM


  3. Rannells always had a very short contract (, though not clear if that was his choice due to other commitments or the producers wanted to see if there were other/better options.

  4. Jenn C1:46 PM

    The commitment (no intermission, no understudy, 8 x week) is a lot to ask of a working TV actor, so I'm guessing he opted not to do a longer run. I saw NPH back in May and was kind of stunned that he was doing that intense of a performance for 5 months without much of a break in that timeframe. It's such an amazing show.

    I will say that the AR shows have not sold out the way the NPH shows did. Granted, it's not summer anymore, but I had to get my NPH tickets for a May show back in November. I'm seeing Andrew Rannells this Sunday and I bought those tickets just last week, and they are better seats.