Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WHAT IS ENTERTAINMENT?  NBC is developing a sitcom based around friends who play at a weekly pub quiz.  Somehow, I have not yet been retained as a consultant, even if I am trying to round up a multi-state all-star team for next year's Geek Bowl (it's in Albuquerque next year, so ready the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul jokes).


  1. Geek Bowl is typically on a Saturday, so one could fly in Friday night and fly back Sunday. (It's the week between Conference Champs and Super Bowl.)

  2. Watts2:42 PM

    Albuquerque is home to my hippie relatives. If you want to visit my Aunt Suzy, who doesn't have running water, just let me know!

  3. Watchman1266:45 PM

    What no In Plain Sight/witness protection jokes?

  4. Joseph Finn6:46 PM

    Whippersnappers. This calls for Bugs Bunny jokes.