Monday, December 12, 2005

COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: If the hot dog makers and hot dog bun makers can come together and reach a peaceful accord on a common number of wieners and buns in a standard package, can't the auto makers and windshield fluid makers reach a similar agreement. Is it only my car (a 1999 Honda Accord) that doesn't have a one-gallon capacity windshield fluid reservoir? I'm guessing my car hold about .85 gallons, leaving me with just enough left in the container that I don't want to throw it out. Yet if I put the jug back in my trunk, it always rolls all over making all sorts of noise. Sometimes I just dump the extra on the windshield, but that seems like a waste. Couldn't the automakers just agree on one gallon being the minimum size for the reservoir?

This issue might be best taken up by a new blog that is quickly becoming one of my favorites: The Consumerist. Yes, it's yet another site from the Gawker Empire, but it's a goodie, filled with tales of customer service from hell, fiendish rip-offs, Kafkaesque help lines, and the occasional good deal. Think of it as that cloying consumer help guy from the local news with the right does of attitude.

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