Friday, December 16, 2005

FRIDAY'S LISTS: It's damn cold out, my kids and wife are watching Polar Express and I am waiting for a drain to live up to its name so I can dump another load of toxic materials down it in hopes that it will once again be of use, so I figured I could either do work, pay bills, straighten up my office, or link to some lists. Guess which I chose?
  • Metasearch engine Dogpile has comdogpiled a list of the most-searched terms of 2005, and while I'll give you Nos. 1 and 2 (music lyrics and Paris Hilton), I want to know who uses a search engine to search for Google, eBay, and Yahoo (gee I always forget those sites tricky URLs). And are there really that many people who give a hoot about Jennifer Anniston's hair still? I am guessing they excluded racier terms from their list, since I'm sure 95% of the Paris Hilton searches included other terms.
  • Apparently many of those folks who used Dogpile to search for Yahoo, then used Yahoo to search for Britney Spears, according to the Web site's own list of the most-searched terms of 2005.
  • At least one critic liked The Producers. AP film critic David Germain put it on his top 10.
  • The Chicago Tribune's TV critics hashed out a combined top 10 list.
  • Those nasty hurricanes and whether it was all of us who made them worse is Discover Magazine's No. 1 science story of the year. A decent pick, yes, but, I would have gone with this experimental partnering of Mentos and Diet Coke (watch the video!). Mentos: the explosionmaker.
  • Confirming what I think most of us already knew, Babyfit has determined that Overland Park, Kansas, is the healthiest city in America to be pregnant in.
  • And finally, the POTUS lists some more of the artists on his iPod, including The Archies.

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