Monday, July 7, 2008

OMIGOD YOU GUYS: Due to a lack of anything resembling real-time TV viewing, I have been deficient in my blogging on Legally Blonde: The Search That Is Actually a Quest to Locate Via GPS or Similar Navigational Device the Second in a Series of Twelve Elle Woods on Broadway f/k/a The Great White Way, but I am now all caught up and ready to discuss.

Structurally, this show is more or less what I'd thought last summer's "Grease: The One that We Want" was going to be -- the quest for a bona fide acting/singing/dancing triple threat. And as such, the amount that's being required from the contestants is pretty significant. Haylie Duff and the judges are pretty much a total waste of airtime, but watching these girls, whose blondeness quotient is inching ever closer to 100%, sing and act and dance and have rapport with the actor portraying Bruiser Woods (!) and Be Blonde shows the degree to which being a Broadway star is not easy. Not so much with the suspense, though, as I have accurately predicted the order in which each girl would appear on The List correctly every single week. Whether this (a) underscores the fact that editing is the most important aspect of any reality show, (b) indicates that there are obvious talent distinctions between the girls, or (c) displays my infallible casting astuteness, I could not say.

I was, however, a bit surprised to see Emma get cut rather than Autumn this week. Not because I found Emma to be so fabulous -- on the contrary, I have consistently found her to be way too sour and dour to play the effervescent Elle Woods -- but because everyone else on the show seemed to consider her the frontrunner. Was it because of her Broadway lineage as the daughter of Jerry Zaks and Jill Rose? Perhaps her Reese Witherspoon-minus-some-Zoloft demeanor? The fact that she's one of the only contestants old enough to be a Harvard Law School student? In any event, her bronchitic junk shaking was deemed insufficiently boppy, and off she went in suitably snarly fashion.

Which leaves us with five potential Elles going into tonight's episode: Lauren (Baby Elle); Autumn (Desperately Seeking a Blonde Wig Elle) Natalie (Squiggy Elle); Bailey (Catty Elle); and Rhiannon (Goldie Hawn Elle). Who ya got?

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