Thursday, April 1, 2010

A BANDY-LEGGED LITTLE TROLL: I feel much the same way about tonight's Survivor that Alan does, but let's go into spoiler mode to discuss.

Unlike Alan, I'm not ready to quit on this season just because Russell and Parvati have prevailed over Boston Rob, but still: could Coach be more of a douchebag? Seriously. Voting for a third person when you know that two people are targeted is the same as voting out the person with whom you were allegedly allied. It doesn't help him at all because he knows he can't trust Russell, and therefore he had to, had to get rid of him here.

I will miss Boston Rob tremendously, as well as any respect I may have had for Jerri Manthey's ability to evaluate the credibility of others. I'm also waiting for Sandra and Rupert to show up this season; they're really non-factors so far.

added: Rob's exit interview with EW.


  1. But his TOE! It's BROKEN! 

    I can't possibly understand why Jerri thinks she's in a better person in the Russell alliance than in the Rob alliance. Rob may not be "trustworthy" in Survivor (see, i.e., Lex), but he is a predictable player who makes logical moves. Russell - who they haven't seen play - is a mystery from everyone's perspective and seems to like making big moves rather than good moves. I also don't understand why they would possibly want to vote out the one guy who can do puzzles.

  2. Jennifer J.1:13 AM

    I loathe Russell. He's a toad and a troll and I can't stand looking at him.

    I cannot begin to fathom how he brags and boasts and gloats and "me, me, me"(s) it in front of everyone and everywhere, but no one hears him! It's insane!

    I look forward to that whole team falling apart and going to hell in a hand basket.

    Coach purports to be all loyal. Please. He's the most think and hypocritical douche I've ever seen. He didn't have the balls to vote one way or the other. He pussed out. Big time! I'm glad Rob gave him the cold shoulder; Coach deserved it! Plus, how is he so thick that he cannot see that he was disloyal to both Rob and Russell, gross toady troll-like Gollum.

    Colby vs. Jerri in the water rocked my world. I wanna see the Heroes stay a strong alliance of 5 and just waste every one of those losers post-merge.

  3. isaac_spaceman11:55 AM

    I can't comment on any of the happenings, since I didn't watch, but I will say that Coach's unwatchable douchebaggery is, along with Rupert's unwatchable self-aggrandizement, one of the two principal reasons I'm not watching this season. 

  4. Jennifer J. wrote:  "<span>I loathe Russell. He's a toad and a troll and I can't stand looking at him."</span>
    <span>I'm going to try not to take that personally.</span>