Tuesday, November 22, 2011

COULD IT BE ... SATAN?  Remember how just last week we got into a discussion of the role (and overuse) of recurring characters on SNL? NYMag has undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the topic, ranking all seasons based on the percentage of sketches relying on recurring characters** as well as slideshowing the twenty-five most repeated characters in show history -- and, guess what: Trebek and Connery do not make the cut.  (Well, Trebek should have.)

The one on that list I never really got?  Nora Dunn's Pat Stevens. What was the point?

** Excluding political impressions.

Added, Related: Splitsider's Five Rules for what makes a recurring sketch work.


  1. Meghan9:14 AM

    I had no idea the Bees were a Thing.  I'm reading Live From New York right now and there are so many references to the Bees.  I feel like all the other early recurring characters are part of the history and tradition.  I remember seeing Belushi doing his, "Buzz, buzz" song on the 15th anniversary special but I've never seen them again.

  2. Heather K11:36 PM

    It's Pat was not Nora Dunn.  It was Julia Sweeney.