Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MR. AND MRS. MALLARD WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE:  From Moby to Meany to Morrie, from a scarlet 'A' to one 'L,' the Boston Globe selects 100 favorite books about New England or by New Englanders.


  1. Joseph Finn8:47 PM

    Obviously we can drop Catcher in the Rye, so I'll put in either Parnassus on Wheels or The Paper Chase.

  2. maggie10:25 PM

    Love this post title and the book it comes from!

  3. Maggie12:35 PM

    Love the post title and the book where it comes from...I was just reading Make Way for Ducklings to my nephews this morning. It makes me think of my Nana who grew up in Boston - she'd always put her own personal spin on the ducks' route.