Monday, November 21, 2011

OUTRAGEOUS!  It seems a bit beside the point to criticize the American Music Awards for crass commercialism. The show exists, of course, only because Dick Clark saw a marketing opportunity in 1973 and is, literally, a popularity contest.

Apparently, however, Jennifer Lopez may have hit a new low last night in brazen shilling, disappearing during her lipsynched musical performance reemerge next to the car she's currently promoting. The University of Pennsylvania's John Legend tweeted that "That had to be the most shameless thing I’ve ever seen in a performance. I was genuinely shocked," and Questlove concurred: "Yo. I know I didn’t just see that dumb Fiat. I KNOW I didn’t just see that friggin’ Fiat."  Here's the video.

[Also, party people were in the house last night, and they and David Hasselhoff had a good time.]

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