Wednesday, January 18, 2012

COME ON IN, GUYS:  Three reality items.
  • TLC will be re-airing the BBC3 series Undercover Princes and Undercover Princesses this winter. Both are, basically, Coming to America (Only It's In England): The Reality Show, and Wikipedia (I peeked) indicates that the royals in search of twue wuv in question hail from Africa, South Asia, and Europe, and it's more of a "follow them around" then a structured show with symbolic roses and whatnot. And that's a shame; we're enough removed in time from Joe Millionaire that a show which tries to pull it off in reverse should work.
  • Dalton Ross has the full scoop on format changes for the new Survivor season, and I like all of them -- no Redemption Island; tribes separated by gender but living on one beach; more complicated hidden immunity idol rules; and some contestant-run challenges. Of course, as always, it depends on the cast -- which, phew, includes no returning players.
  • Some singing show comes back tonight for its eleventh season. I cannot imagine paying attention until Hollywood Week, and even then, I feel like I've seen everything the show can do (and certainly with these non-judging judges). Unless there's remarkable talent, I think my Season Pass will be short-lived.


  1. Adam C.4:46 PM

    Very happy with the Survivor news - hopefully, all of these things will add up to a much more interesting season than the past several have been.

  2. Except for Heroes v Villains, which is pantheon, and Redemption Island, which was emotionally satisfying if not strategically complex.

  3. bella wilfer5:52 PM

    SO excited for the new Survivor season (duh).  I like the one beach twist.  Don't totally love the idea of contestant-run challenges (I just remember how poorly it went that one season w/Shambo et al), but maybe they'll work better this time around...

  4. I'm happy for the new Survivor news also. Both tribes on one beach could either be the best thing or the worst thing ever. I'm hoping for best. And please, please, please more complicated Immunity Idol clues than "Look over there, in that exact tree."

    And I've officially given up on Idol. The Boyfriend's 8-year-old son and I bond over reality shows like Survivor and So You Think You Can Dance, and he was surprised I liked Idol. He asked me why I watch, and I couldn't come up with anything more than, "I just always have." I realized then that it was time to cut the cord. I may give "The Voice" a chance this year. I sampled it last year and enjoyed it but never went out of my way to watch it.

  5. Squid4:14 PM

    Any plans for a Hunger Games-style Survivor?  Because I might watch that.