Friday, January 20, 2012

WHAT PART OF "LIFETIME APPOINTMENT" DON'T YOU GET, SIR? I recognize that I'm straddling a line here, but I figured folks needed to see that retired Justice John Paul Stevens appeared on The Colbert Report last night, and the nonagenarian was charming and game.


  1. MidwestAndrew1:19 PM

    I saw it, and I loved it. Colbert did his thing, to wonderful extent. Stevens did a good job pointing out that different "persons" have different rights. Plus, any reference to Whizzer White makes me smile. All told, it was a great callback to the days Colbert used to do Better Know A District, before legislators refused to do them.

  2. Roger1:52 PM

    I really wonder to what degree he knew what he was getting into....

  3. If I can be half as sharp at his age....

  4. Benner6:17 PM

    if i could be half as sharp at half is age. .  .