Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WHY, IT'S MORE THAN WUNDERBAR!. Although Victor Garber seems destined never to return to Glee, we do have some theatrically nifty parental casting news. Joining Jeff Goldblum (as to whom I say "??") as 0ne of Rachel's dads is none other than Brian Stokes Mitchell, whose bombast in recent years seems quite directionally appropriate for this season's (not to mention tonight's episode's, in particular) whiplash.


  1. What?  Stokes is doing this?  This is terrible.  I feel terrible.  I used to really love Glee, but got so turned off by the Christmas episode that I stopped watching.  But Stokes is my favorite Broadway actor ever, and I think that means I have to watch.  So conflicted.

  2. I understand Garber and Monk don't come cheap (though as far as I can tell, Garber doesn't have a big gig right now, though I'm sure he's going to get multiple pilot offers), but maybe spend some money on them rather than NeNe Leakes (who added NOTHING to this week's episode).  They missed a real chance for emotional resonance with Will's father in this week's episode, which would have worked much better than him inexplicably proclaiming that Finn had helped him understand what it means to be a man.

  3. isaac_spaceman9:34 AM

    People still watch this show? 

  4. Fun fact which I discovered last night looking at Mitchell's imdb page: He voiced "Danny Wood" in the New Kids on the Block animated series.

    I think I shall remaind steadfast in my refusal to watch Glee as a show. However, I may cheat and watch YouTube clips of Goldblum, especially if, as rumored, he does some singing.

  5. isaac_spaceman11:22 AM

    Spacewoman and I were at a recruiting dinner in LA once, at a mostly-empty restaurant attached to a hotel, and Goldblum wandered in, sat down at the piano, and started to noodle.  The woman at the table next to the piano, who I guessed was a hotel guest, was obviously aflutter, and Goldblum started talking to her, getting her suggestions on what to play.  He obviously made her night, or maybe her month. 

  6. sea0tter1211:31 AM

    Does anyone have any idea why Puck kissed Sam's hand at the beginning of Summer Nights last night? I had thought it must have been in the movie, but it wasn't when I looked up the clip on YouTube. Just curious if there's a reference I'm missing, or if it's just them being goofy.

  7. Christy in Philly11:50 AM

    My only thought is that it was a sign of Mark and Chord's bromance (I apologize for using that word but there it is). One of the cast members tweeted a picture of them snuggling on the bleachers (I'm assuming they were filming that scene). Mark broke his pelvis, has herniated discs that may require surgery, and according to Lea Michele's interview with Leno, had a swollen ass cheek. I think they were just being goofy.

  8. Marsha1:35 PM

    I can't tell if I'm just jaded, or if Glee is getting worse. At least when they first started they were being interesting and original, albeit scattered and occasionally bizarre. Last night, I knew what virtually ALL of the musical numbers would be from the dialogue before them - Summer Nights, Marry Me Bill (which I also knew they'd change to Will), several others were telegraphed from a mile away. And they did absolutely nothing interesting with Summer Nights - just did exactly what was in the movie. (Though I enjoyed Bieste and Sue as Emma's backup singers, complete with Sue's fascinator!)

    I actually thought the stuff with Emma and Will tried to be interesting this week - the idea of Emma caring for kids is one that could have real potential on a show that cared enough to do it right. This is notthat show, but at least it wasn't completely horrid. And I'm a sucker for anything involving Coach Beiste, and love that she and Cooter eloped. I hope that means we're done with let's-feel-sorry-for-the-fat-girl plotlines there, and I hope we'll see more of happy Bieste.

    I'm still watching, I'm just not really sure why.

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