Wednesday, May 30, 2012

INTERMEZZO:  The seventy-one words from the remarkable 2011 National Spelling Bee primetime championship finals.


  1. victoria12:11 PM

    Damn, that some crazy stuff. Looking at that list I'd get just about all of the food words and just about nothing else.

  2. <span>Yeah, I only know "orgeat" because it's an ingredient in a Finnish Virgin (cocktail).  
    "Susurrus" has long been a favorite word of mine. Needed it the other night to describe the audio during a lovemaking scene in John Sayle's "Lianna."

  3. BeeFan1:07 PM

    Yeah, last year was a great finale.  Not that there was anyplace to go but up after 2010 ...

    Speaking of words:

    What's the word on the pool?  Restrictions on five-timers and the like?  When does it open?

  4. Pool will open at 8pm EDT.  Rules will be determined by the composition of the semifinalists.  Assuming both 5-timers are in, and a handful of 4-times, may be a "your pair can have no more than eight years of prior experience" year.

  5. BeeFan2:01 PM


    Most years I have a good idea before the Bee starts who my favorites are.  This year seems really wide open.

  6. Marsha2:21 PM

    <span>Because I am completely obsessive and getting my fix, I just reviewed the details of the 2011 final. In one article, I saw this, which I hadn't seen before: </span>

    <span> "With "Jeopardy" uber-champion Ken Jennings and eight former winners in the house, the bee paid tribute to Frank Neuhauser and Pauline Bell, who both died in their 90s recently. Neuhauser won in 1925 with the word "gladiolus," and Bell won in 1926 with the "cerise," a shade of red, so bee officials placed an arrangement of cerise-colored gladioli at the base of the trophy pedestal onstage."  
    That's really nice.</span>

  7. BeeFan2:44 PM

    <span>They can't do that forever, you know.  What happens when Nupur goes?  L<span>ogorrhea?  Are they going to have a bee staffer stand by the stage and talk incessantly throughout the competition?</span>  
    Thank God I'm way older than Nupur and presumably won't be around then.</span>

    Seriously, though, it was very nice and also very creative.

  8. Marsha2:45 PM

    Half the winning words these days seem to be diseases, so yeah, not something they can keep up.