Monday, May 28, 2012

SONG OVERANALYSIS DESK:  Some questions for Miss Carly Rae Jepsen:
  • You request "don't ask me, I'll never tell" the content of your wish, but isn't your entire song telling us the contents of your wish?  Doesn't that completely defeat your promise?
  • You claim "I wasn't looking for this," with "this" apparently being a romantic relationship with the object of the song, yet it seems to have been the content of your wish.  Why did you wish for something you weren't looking for?
  • Given that you ask someone who you, by your own admission, just met "where you think you're goin', baby?," have you considered that you might be coming on too strong?
  • While you acknowledge that your behavior is "crazy," have you considered that saying so might well be a turnoff?
  • What if I'd prefer to text, tweet, or e-mail you?  Are those acceptable?
  • You say "it's hard to look right at you."  Is this because I'm deformed or otherwise repugnant?  If not, this is an odd choice of words.
  • How were you able to miss me so bad (so, so bad) before I came into your life?  Are you a time traveler?  Otherwise living your life in a nonsequential fashion?


  1. Watts9:59 PM

    It can be hard to look at someone when you're overwhelmed by your attraction to them.

    As to the rest, ladyeez be crayzee.

  2. Jordan10:33 PM

    Doesn't The National have a line about missing you for 29 years before I met you, or something like that?  So she gets a pass on that one (although Slow Show is a much a better song than, well, pretty much anything).

  3. D'Arcy10:40 PM

    I totally thought that was an Isaac post.

    Thank you, Matt, for getting that song stuck in my head. That's not annoying AT ALL.

  4. I love this song- and am especially amused that college sports teams are mad about it.

  5. Carrie12:03 AM

    Thanks, Matt. Have you ever heard Stan Freberg on "Ol' Man River?" He takes a grammarian's view, insists that we call it "Elderly Man River," and combs through it word by word, as you have with Carly Rae. I think the song is about the catch in her voice for which I can forgive almost anything.

  6. Ann-Marie10:04 AM

    Please tell me you all have seen the Harvard baseball team lip dub / car dance to this song. Makes me smile every time.

  7. bella wilfer7:37 PM

    I love this song, regardless of how much sense it makes.

  8. Paul Tabachneck7:13 PM

    I add:

    Is Maybe a family name?<span> </span>

  9. jessica10:53 PM

    and now this: