Friday, February 1, 2013

1. Winner/final score.
2. Official Game MVP.
3. Which advertiser tops the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter?
4. Predict something interesting about Beyonce's performance. [Portions of the setlist have been leaked.]
5. Will Alicia Keys' rendition of the National Anthem run over/under 2:15?
Tiebreaker: Pick a prop bet as listed on Football Outsiders. Get it right. The tougher the odds of winning your bet, the more credit you get.

Previous winners: 2006: Benner; 2007: me; 2008: Joseph J. Finn ; 2009: Scott; 2010: Scott again; 2011: GoldnI; 2012: Phil. As they will tell you, the prizes are Fame and Glory within this community, but nothing financial.

[My picks: San Francisco 24-20, Colin Kaepernick, Dorito's, Jay-Z will not appear, and under. Tiebreaker Prop: Dennis Pitta scores first TD of game.]


  1. Baltimore 24-21
    Joe Flacco
    Bud (baby Clydesdale)
    Appearance by Patti LaBelle

    tiebreaker: over 13.5 penalties committed.

  2. bristlesage9:56 AM

    1. San Francisco, 27-20.

    2. Colin Kaepernick

    3. Budweiser

    4. She will not add or subtract any clothing to the outfit she comes out in.

    5. Under, but just.

    Tiebreaker: There will be a defensive/special teams touchdown scored.

  3. San Francisco 30-27
    Best Buy (betting on Poehler)
    At least one child will dance on stage with Beyonce
    Under (1:36)
    Prop: Beyonce's hair will be curly/crimped at the top of the halftime show

  4. isaac_spaceman10:40 AM

    (1) San Francisco, 28-13. (2) Kaepernick. (3) VW. (4) Will make some kind of joke about lip-sync[h]ing. (5) Under. (6) as a tiebreaker, I'll take Vernon Davis as MVP. Swinging for the fences.

  5. Tosy and Cosh11:47 AM

    (1) Baltimore, 24-21. (2) Flacco. (3) Coca Cola. (4) Guest appearance by Smokey Robinson. (5) Over. (6) MVP thanks owner first

  6. The Pathetic Earthling12:15 PM

    San Francisco, 26-10; Colin Kaeperinick; Coke; a parade of awesome black women stars will join her for one song (e.g., Turner, Franklin); over.

    My tie-breaker will be that Colin Kaeprinick, as MVP, will thank Alex Smith first for helping them star the season right and not be a dick.

  7. I won last year? Image my surprise. Now I need a coinage that conveys that quickly conveys they feeling of inside-out premorse.

    This year, how about:

    1. SF 31 / BAL 17
    2. Kaeperinick
    3. It says something about my current level of faith in humanity, or perhaps about the proliferation of testosterone replacement products on the market, but on whatever the glum inverse of a whim is, I'll go with Audi's our-vehicle-will-empower-your-nerdy-son-and/or-bitterly-remembered-17-yr-old-self-to-sexually-assault-the-prom-queen-adrien-brody-style spot.
    4. Beyonce will wear a Ray Lewis jersey and/or Kaeperinick tattoo sleeve..
    5. Over.
    Tie-breaker: Baltimore will have the last score in the game.

  8. Adam B.1:57 PM

    we never formally decided, but you were close enough and had the highest on the Ad Meter of those who had Giants & Eli.

  9. Maggie2:31 PM

    1. Baltimore 28-24
    2. Flacco (which autocorrect keeps changing to Flaccid - he must get that a lot and kind of hate it...)
    3. Pepsi
    4. Timberlake, Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan reprise their SNL sketch as "Single Ladies" back up dancers (well, maybe just JT since this is on CBS).
    5. Under
    TB: missed field goal? Yes

  10. Roger3:01 PM

    1. SF 34, Baltimore 24.
    2. Kaepernick.
    3. Kia.
    4. Gospel choir.
    5. Under.

    Tiebreaker: Will there be a Special Teams or Defensive Touchdown scored in the game? Yes +160 (8/5)

  11. Have to take back my title!

    1. 49ers, 27-17

    2. Kaepernick

    3. Budweiser, baby Clydesdales

    4. Jay-Z cameo, possibly for Crazy in Love

    5. Under

    Tie-breaker: Will there be a score in the final two minutes of the first half? Yes -280

  12. andrewraff4:39 PM

    1. San Francisco, 31-24
    2. Vernon Davis

    3. Best Buy

    4. There will be multiple articles on Monday alleging or refuting that Beyonce lip-synced her set.

    5. Over

    TB: How many times will Harbaugh be said during the game? Over/Under 20.5

  13. This year you better give me a 5 point penalty for proof-reading. Yeagh.

  14. bill.9:25 PM

    1. Baltimore, 34-24
    2. Flacco
    3. "Star Trek Into Darkness"
    4. Mike Myers as Austin Powers
    5. Under
    6. 2nd quarter will be the highest scoring quarter

  15. StvMg8:09 AM

    1. San Francisco 31-17

    2. Kaepernick

    3. Budweiser

    4. Backup singers doing Single Ladies dance

    5. Under

    Tiebreak: Over on number of shots of Jack Harbaugh

  16. 1. San Francisco, 28-17
    2. Kapernick
    3. Eh, Volkswagen, just to avoid any of the silly crowdscourcing of ads.
    4. Knowles and/or dancers in some sort of football attire, though it may just be eye black.
    5. Over.

    Tiebreaker: I'll take Randy Moss receptions over the total goals in Manchester City V. Liverpool, because that prop bet freaking delights me.

  17. girard315:13 PM

    1. Baltimore 35-27

    2. Ray Rice

    3. Doritos

    4. Jay-Z popping up with Blue Ivy in tow.

    5. under

    6. How many times will Ray Lewis mention "God/Lord" in post game interview: OVER 3

  18. SF 17-14



    Jay-Z DOES join her, and, specifically, performs on Crazy in Love, interpolating something football-related in the lyrics


  19. And I'll take the over on Jack Harbaugh showings.

  20. Lurker David10:37 AM

    San francisco, 27-20


    Lincoln (Go Wil Wheaton!)

    Makes a pointed comment about being performing live


    Prop: Total Tackles & Assists by N. Bowman: Over 8