Saturday, September 16, 2006

AN EPISODE OF LOVE BOAT '68? Former Brat Packer and Mighty Duck Emilio Estevez wanted to write/direct a movie about RFK's assasination and invited such stars as Anthony Hopkins, Ashton Kutcher, Harry Belafonte, Laurence Fishburne, Christian Slater, William H. Macy, Lindsay Lohan, Pacey, Rollergirl and his dad to join in. The results were not pretty, according to many critics:
"Bobby" is reasonably well-directed but scripted with painful obviousness. It stands to impress only the politically naive and hardened lovers of camp, the latter of whom will delight in the endlessly bizarre casting (Ashton Kutcher as a hippie acid dealer) and the chance to see Demi Moore (as a drunken lounge singer) in a battle-of-the-titans acting match with Sharon Stone (as the hotel's salon stylist).
The trades, however, liked it.

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