Saturday, September 16, 2006

THE GREY LADY ERRS: There is so much to recommend in this weekend's Times, until they piss it all away with a spoiler so awful that all responsibile should be drawn, quartered, decapitated and/or placed on indefinite leave, and perhaps all four.

The good: inside Guantánamo with Tim Golden, a fantastic profile of director Michael Gondry by the normally cynical Lynn Hirschberg, TNR's Lee Siegel waxing idiotically again about bloggers and an insightful piece on ventriloquist Jay Johnson, set to take Broadway by storm. Add in a whimsical piece on Bronx cartography, and you've got yourself a Saturday.

Then there's a minor South Park error in an overview of contemporary satire --"Cartman, the obese, morally repugnant child" did not eat the parents of a kid he disliked. As everyone who has enjoyed Scott Tenorman Must Die (perhaps my favorite SP episode) knows, Cartman tricks Scott Tenorman into eating his own parents. Do you like it? Do you like it, Scott? I call it, "Mr. & Mrs. Tenorman Chili." Okay, fine.

But then, oh Lord, for this I wish Lacuna was still in business: in a profile of tv producer Ben Silverman that leads the Arts & Leisure section -- to which I will not link, so vile is this information -- they let slip what happens to Pam and Jim on The Office. Oh no, they didn't? Yes, they did. We have waited and wondered since May 11, 2006 when "Casino Night" first aired, and with just five days to go, boom!, they ruin the suspense. Ruin it. Do not read this article. I cannot stress this enough. I am livid.

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