Monday, September 11, 2006

FIVE YEARS AGO: It might be difficult for us to have a thread about the September 11th tragedy that doesn't pivot into a discussion of contemporary politics, but it would be worse for us not to try.

This is an open thread, but let me suggest one angle on this anniversary: five years ago, there was a significant cultural discussion at the time about whether we had reached the end of The Age of Irony; clearly, those who believe that we had not have won. How do you feel about things being as back-to-normal as they now are, or, are there in fact ways in which our culture has changed as a result? (Possible answer: greater respect and sensitivity in fictional depictions of police officers and firemen.)

In addition, the Times today revisits some of the families from its epic Portraits of Grief coverage. Think about spending a few minutes over there.

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