Saturday, September 16, 2006

SURPASSING JUDD WINICK: Despite a seriously miscast Rachel Bilson (sweetie, biting your lip does not make an acting performance), The Last Kiss is one of the best films I've seen this year. Sadly, I expect it will find difficulty finding an audience, as it's not the wacky romantic comedy that the ads make it out to be--this is a movie veritably drenched in sorrow and anger, especially given that an epilogue scene was shot and cut (according to this interview) which would have changed things dramatically--and Zach Braff's character is not exactly likable. But the biggest revelation in the film in Jacinda Barrett--previously best known for being "the model on the boringest season of The Real World," and roles like "plucky single mother" in Poseidon, "hot lesbian" in Bridget Jones 2, and "long-suffering spouse of firefighter" in Ladder 49, got called in at the last minute to replace Rachel McAdams, and does the part most proud, thus taking over from Winick and Eric Nies the title of "most successful Real World alumnus."

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