Monday, February 19, 2007

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BUDGET! If there were a drinking game for HBO's Rome, it would begin in our house with shouts of "budget!" every time the multitudes behind this combined HBO/BBC production were evident -- and this episode had it in spades. From more fun in the Aventine to the Battle of Philippi (rendered in much more detail than Pharsalus), this episode saw quite a bit of sweeping action, and, really, all history should be this much fun.

(Except for the Vorenii children, of whom I'm bored.)

(Also in the drinking game: every time someone reveals a strategic twist that you just know someone else will outsmart -- formerly known as the Pompey rule, and every time someone says something so anachronistic that you want to pause and check wikipedia to verify its accuracy, such as the completely weird Brutus/Cassius birthday cake talk this week.)

I haven't opened up weekly Rome threads, but this seems to be a good time to start one -- six episodes down, four remaining. What say you, citizens, of the Newer, Less Ryan Phillipe-like Octavian? What's to become of Servilia now? How many episodes until we see our friends the Ptolemys again? A Yiddish accent for the rabbi, but why? And if you were ever going to be killed, Titus Pullo is the way to go, right?

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