Friday, February 23, 2007

IS THERE SOME AWARDS SHOW OR SOMETHING THIS WEEKEND? Here's a bunch of movie lists to tide you over until Sunday night.
  • A bunch of sports writers at the Las Vegas Sun have put together the Oscar Madisons, honoring the best movies in a variety of sports. Hoosiers took the top hoops spot, while other winners were Raging Bull, Bull Durham, Slap Shot, Brian's Song, Caddyshack, Grand Prix, and Seabiscuit. Only complaint--no Rudy.
  • From Dirty Harry's 44 Magnum to Han Solo's Blaster, it's the Top Ten Movie Guns. I, for one, would have found room on the list for Tony Montana's Little Friend.
  • Sherman's Travel counts down Ten Offbeat Movie Locales including some obscure city in Pennsylvania at where they make boxing, AIDS and ghost movies at No. 6.
  • In a list guaranteed to start a food fight (sorry), has compiled the Ten Best Film Food Scenes. To this list I'd add the deli scene in Harry Met Sally, the pop corn climax of Real Genius, Ally Sheedy's lunch in Breakfast Club, and the subdued denouement of Big Night.
  • Maxim Magazine lists the 20 Greatest Awful Movies of All Time. Topping the list is Kurt Russell's craptastic Big Trouble in Little China. I'd of gone with Waterboy over Billy Madison in the Adam Sandler slot and this is another list I might add Real Genius to.

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