Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TRIPLE SALCHOW TRIPLE LOOP; TRIPLE TOE TRIPLE LOOP: The guys at PTI remind us that today marks the fifth anniversary of one of the more thrilling athletic accomplishments of this young century -- Sarah Hughes' gold medal-winning long program at the 2002 Winter Olympics, leaping her from fourth place to the top, of which she later wrote:
But the biggest decision still loomed. What should I do about the critical triple-jump combinations that I had been struggling with for two years?

At the nationals I had omitted the only one I had planned. Now for the Olympics I was hoping to perform two in the same program. Could I risk that on the biggest stage of all? If I eliminated those jumps and performed a less difficult routine, I was sure I could skate clean and probably win a bronze medal. But I wouldn't have a shot at the gold. If I kept the triple-triples in my program and botched them, I probably wouldn't get any medal at all.

Both my coach and my dad said that it would have to be my call because, ultimately, I was out there on the ice by myself. I am not a risk taker by nature. But when I stopped and thought about the Olympic moments that I remembered, they were not the ones where people played it safe and just did what they could. The greatest moments were when people put themselves on the line and then pulled it off. I wanted one of those amazing, unbelievable, edge-of-the-seat Olympic moments.

Watch it here.

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