Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NEXT WEEK, LORELAI TALKS ABOUT MARKMAN HEARINGS: Watching tonight's Gilmore Girls reminded me of a project I've been meaning to roll out for a while--we're happy to provide legal consulting to entertainment types. Now, I don't mean that for "law" shows or movies--they usually have researchers already on staff. In fact, I believe I read somewhere that Law and Order has a couple of attorneys on staff to make sure those cases Jack McCoy cites are real New York law. But if you're writing something and want to use the law as a background, let us take a look and chip in. This will allow you to avoid bizareness like tonight's "We got a cease and desist letter, claiming prior art, claiming patent infringement!," which manages to be just close enough that the inaccuracy is all the more infuriating. Avoid embarassing blunders like your hard working attorney poring over a volume of Federal Reporter rather than, say, Moore's Federal Practice! All at reasonable rates! Contact us at the e-mail on the left!

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