Friday, July 27, 2007

CLEARING MY CACHE: I'm heading to the Michigan shore for a week of family fun, thus the relative silence (that and the fact that I still haven't gotten past p. 60 of Goblet of Fire). Here's a bunch of things I have been hanging on to for too long:
  • The Onion's AV Club choo-, choo-, chooses 15 Simpsons episodes that defined their era (it frightens me a little to think about the fact that I watched the premiere of the show when I was a senior in college and I will be taking my five and seven year old to the movie next week.)
  • And speaking of Simpsons, VH1's Best Week Ever picks the 10 best Simpsons endings. My five-year-old daughter drew me a picture of spider-pig with Homer and Marge tonight and forced me to go to Burger King so we could get talking figurines of Lisa, Chief Wiggum, and Krusty (alas, no Ralph), so Fox marketing folks, you've done your job well.
  • Here's a list Barney would love...Modern Drunkard's 10 greatest alcohol advertising icons of all time. Duff Man was robbed.
  • Some fella picks the 10 greatest fictional bands and leaves off the Party Posse and the Be Sharps.
  • And I am running out of clever Simpsons references, so I will leave you with the New York Post's top 100 cover songs, EW's top 25 love songs and Blender's list of wacky cover versions.
  • One last may have read that Oprah tops the list of the highest paid TV stars (she made a cool $240 million last year), but how about the fact that Judge Judy clears $30 million a year?

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