Thursday, July 26, 2007

SOMETHING ELSE TO SINK INTO THE COUCH WITH: With most of us having finished Deathly Hallows and (for some) with long days on the beach ahead, seems like an opportune time to have yet another of our "what are you readin'?" threads. Fortunately, just before Hallows hit, I ordered and received much bounty from Amazon, including the new Stephen Carter novel, one of the much-acclaimed Inspector Rebus novels (inspired by my trip to Edinburgh), the much-buzzed Chambermaid (aka The Devil Wears Federal Judicial Robes And Sits On The Third Circuit), and best of all, I Love You Beth Cooper, which tells the story of the aftermath of Denis Cooverman, valdectorian and debate team captain, making the title proclamation to the head cheerleader in his graduation address. It's kind of a cross between Mean Girls, an 80s John Hughes comedy, and Judd Apatow--thus making it the perfect warmup for Superbad (YouTube video contains NSFW content). Plus it has an awesome "soundtrack" referenced in the book and available on iTunes. I suspect you fellow ThingThrowers will quite enjoy. What do you have to suggest?

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