Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WHEN YOU OVEREGG THE PUDDING: Keep on waiting, waiting, waiting on the world to change . . . oh, I'm sorry, was I singing? When you hear a song ten times, it does tend to stick in one's head. I didn't really need to hear Wade's ramblings on the war, but I did like the concept of choreographed solos. I hope they stick with it, and that the dancers listen to the jidges' comments about making a common choreography their own.

This week's outcome, to me, is a no-brainer. Half of that outcome is long overdue -- as I've noted previously, certain long-term partnerships have protected certain dancers much longer than was warranted based on individual talent (alas, poor Hok, how I miss you already) -- and the other half, while a shame, is the right decision this week.

One unexpected standout for me: I had assumed that I'd climb my soapbox tonight to plead with America to finally send Lauren home this week, but man did she dance her ass off, both in the Sparks routine and in the solo. And as best I can tell, this competition is the girls' to lose, unless Mia really does get the chance to tear Danny down and rebuild him from scratch.

More importantly: tour dates! tour dates! Why is there no Manhattan show?? Do I have to set foot on Long Island for this? Now Boardwalk Hall, there's an idea.

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