Wednesday, July 25, 2007

FINALLY, A PLACE FOR MY SCHOLARLY WORK ON THE SEMIOTICS OF "H.O.V.A.:" In case you've ever thought "Gosh, I enjoy this blog, but I wish it had more footnotes," have we got a journal for you. The Journal Of Popular Culture, edited by a professor at Michigan State, publishes six times a year. Recent articles include:
  • Discourses of Sexual Morality in Sex in the City and Queer as Folk
  • Do You Love Mother, Norman?: Peyton Place as the Genesis of Psycho
  • Star-Light, Star-Bright, Star Damn Near White: Mixed Race Superstars
  • He's Gotta Be Stong, and He's Gotta Be Fast, and He's Gotta Be Larger Than Life: Investigating the Engendered Superhero Body
  • Tricksters and the Marketing of Breakfast Cereals
  • Spears' Space: The Play of Innocence and Experience in the Bare Midriff Fashion
  • From Quixote to Caractacus: Influence, Intertextuality, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • The Third Reich in Alternate History: Aspects of a Genre-Specific Depictions of Nazism
  • Hoods and the Woods: Rap Music as Environmental Literature

Subscription information is available at the above site.

In less serious publication news, The Weekly World News, home of Bat Boy and Ed Anger, is shutting down.

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