Wednesday, March 4, 2009

NO, YOU'RE SCHMOOPY: I saw this morning that Alan Sepinwall had to turn on comment moderation and needed to remind his readers of the rules for commenting, which manifestly is neither Alan's fault nor the fault of the majority of his commenters, many of whom we share. It's something that happens with relative frequency at several of the high-quality blogs I read, and I always have sympathy for people who consistently crank out great content and then have to mediate schoolyard fights among their readers. (Incidentally, I think the quality of commenting varies inversely to the size of the readership and proportionally to the degree to which the blog is about sports or politics.) That said, and not to go all soft on you or anything, but other than the occasional transgression of The Rule, we have a regular group of unmoderated commenters who not only need no policing, but who also manage to be uncommonly knowledgeable, interesting, funny, thoughtful, and pleasantly scented, and for that we here at ALOTT5MA are lucky. I know this is going to get buried pretty soon under the Idol/Lost recaps, but I thought it was worth saying.

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