Monday, March 2, 2009

TRUTH BE TOLD, THE ROSE CEREMONY ITSELF WASN'T THAT SHOCKING. AFTERWARDS, HOWEVER ... Once you recognize that no one actually falls in love on a "reality" dating show -- Trista/Ryan aside -- then you can appreciate the true joy which these shows do provide, which is schadenfreude at the moment of dumping -- both for the dumped (who should have known better, having signed up for the show) and for the dumper, whose "agony" and faux-sincerity over each decision is often titter-worthy. And tonight's Bachelor 13 finale, hoo boy, hoo boy.

I don't watch the dating shows regularly, unless Bret Michaels is involved in which case my wife makes me, but seeing the spoilers about tonight (and the absence of a compelling alternative) made me give these past two hours a shot. Based on Facebook/Twitter, many of you did as well. What a douchebag.

Also, based on some oft-repeated ads tonight, I shouldn't be taking Yaz for that. Good to know.

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