Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VICKHAUS IS NOT FOR PASS-LINE BETTORS: One of the worst things about the thankless job of being a professional athlete (after drug-resistant staph) is all the money you have to pay to real-estate brokers when your trade or free-agent contract or plea bargain requires you to sell one luxury home and buy another in a different exurb (note: the latter part of this sentence does not apply to plea bargains).

Wide receiver/perennial #1 fantasy waiver-wire option Muhsin Muhammad's Charlotte home is for sale on eBay (just like a crafty veteran like Muhammad to try to avoid broker's fees), leading to two observations: (1) You can get a hell of a lot more house for $1.9 million in Charlotte than you can in NY/LA/SF/Chicago; and (2) professional athletes have terrible taste.

Incidentally, former Atlanta QB/second-most terrifyingly violent Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick's old house is still on sale for the newly reduced price of $4.1 million. The price is not as much a bargain (I'm not suggestion $1.9 million is a bargain, by the way), but the taste is just as bad. I'm not even talking about the giant "7" inlaid in the marble floor. Who uses wainscoting in new construction?

The author wishes to thank Deadspin for its invaluable research assistance.

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