Sunday, July 3, 2011

THE MIDSUMMER LIST OF GRIEVANCES:  Time for our annual kvetching about the MLB All-Star Game rosters; it's not like folks care nearly as much about the game itself.  (Really: Beltran over Andrew McCutchen? No room for Mark Teixiera?)


  1. isaac_spaceman4:48 PM

    Jeter?  Really? 

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I am much more in the Let The Fans See Who They Want camp rather than Best First-Halves This Season.  So, no, Jeter doesn't deserve to be there, but given how rarely the Yankees are on tv I can understand fans wanting to see him.

    This is the first time Ichiro! has not made the ASG.

  3. (That's me.)

  4. Big Joe5:08 PM

    (Full disclosure - I am a huge Yankees fan.)

    Jeter as starting SS is this year's reason why the fan vote should be changed.
    CJ Wilson over CC is this year's reason why the league's manager choice should be changed.
    And for what its worth, Russell Martin has been everything the Yanks have asked for, but an All-Star has an average in the .220s?  He seems like a great guy, but is AJ Pierzinski that much of a jerk?

  5. rcobeen5:15 PM

    <span>but is AJ Pierzinski that much of a jerk?</span>


    Most Embarassing?  Bochy taking Vogelsong instead of Tommy Hanson.

  6. Joseph J. Finn8:27 PM

    <span>is AJ Pierzinski that much of a jerk?</span>


  7. Some spaces will open up. Cole Hamels is slated to start on the Sunday before the game.<span> </span>

  8. It's so laughable that McCutchen isn't on the team that I'm not even mad.  I'm actually enjoying it, because every national baseball writer/commentator is getting to talk about how amazing he is.  With Tulo and Starlin on the roster, I'm hoping that Cutch could replace Jose Reyes if his leg isn't healthy.

  9. kd bart8:48 AM

    Chipper Jones must be there as a legacy pick.  .256 7 44 are not ASG numbers.

  10. J. Bowman11:47 AM

    I don't care so much about the game, but it bothers me that baseball just finished up a week of exhibition games right in the middle of the season, and now they'e about to take another break.

  11. Joseph J. Finn12:32 PM

    What exhibition games?  They played other teams, in games that counted and had standings implications.

  12. patricia2:04 PM

    Chipper Jones is there because of the fan vote, I'd guess.  He's definitely been someone who's carried the Braves through some offensive woes this year, plus his elder statesman role serves to make him beloved by many.  Heck, he's been playing since I was a teenager, which is too many years ago, and he'll be retiring any year now.  Not so much the best 3rd baseman or hitter this year, but still producing when the team needs it, and lots of love for being so durable, long-lasting, etc.

  13. J. Bowman5:29 PM

    The entire last week, when they played teams from opposite leagues. Those games are exhibitions. Extended Spring Training. Pointless. An experiment gone on way too long. If MLB wants to count those games in the standings, I can't stop them until I'm Commissioner, but it doesn't mean I have to play along. I'll just enjoy the shorter season.

  14. Joseph J. Finn6:02 PM

    I'll agree that the "experiment" has gone on way too long in one respect; in these completely meaningful and enjoyable games, MLB has allowed the NL to keep not using the position of DH.

  15. isaac_spaceman10:31 AM

    I'm with Bowman.  And they ought to get rid of those pointless exhibition games that they play in October too.