Thursday, March 8, 2012

HER BRAINS THEY RATTLE AND HER BONES THEY SHAKE:  Two more questions for Bruce Week here on the blog:

  • Via kd bart: Name a song you wish he played more often on tour.  
  • And from me: Construct an encore for this tour.  (Mine: given the horns they're touring with, how about Detroit Medley/Ramrod/Light of Day?)


  1. kd bart10:21 AM

    The song, Roulette, I mentioned the other day has only been performed seven times since 1988.  It was performed quite a bit in 1988.

  2. Adam C.11:01 AM

    Just one song I wish he played more often?  Yeesh.

    1. Anything with Tom Morello.
    2. Other stuff I haven't heard that often is fine too.

    But actually, I would have to go with Meeting Across the River (segueing right into Jungleland). Would be gorgeous with Curt Ramm's trumpet.

    I won't eat up bandwidth with my runners up - suffice to say there's a lot, mostly deeper cuts and b-sides/Tracks material from the era of Darkness and The River.

    For the encore, I'm going to expand it to 6 songs (more in line with his recent tours):

    Detroit Medley/Save My Love/E Street Shuffle/Rosalita/No Surrender/Land of Hope and Dreams

  3. Stacie from St. Louis1:41 PM

    I wish he'd play "Drive All Night" more often.  I know, I know.  But I just love it and out of 14 concerts have only seen him do it live once. 

    Also "Meeting Across the River" - saw this in 2010 when he performed the entire Born to Run album here in St. Louis - so moving!

    For the encore, I'm stumped.  Think it's too soon for Rosalita or Jungleland. 

  4. isaac_spaceman6:00 PM

    The song he should play more on tour is "Dancing in the Dark."  I would say a minimum of two, maybe three times a night, like twice in a row early and then again later, with the keyboard turned way up and all of the other instruments turned way down low.  And they should turn the lights out, too.  "Dancing in the Dark" in the dark, get it?  The encore should be "Dancing in the Dark," and he should bring Courteney Cox out of the audience to do the 80s snappy dance with her, if she's still capable of moving with all of that botox and the constrictive jeans.  He should do steroids and wear a sleeveless dress shirt and strum his Telecaster like he's mad at the strings.  He is such a poet of the American experience.