Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MY HOUSEKEEPER. BUT SHE'S LIKE A MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY: We don't blog about Survivor every week, but this week's episode occasions two obvious questions: (1) dumbest move in Survivor history? (2) most loathsome competitor?

added: AVClub: "Forget about Russell. Russell is a gentle flower in comparison to the evil Colton has up his sleeve, because at least Russell seemed like he knew it was a game. Colton, on the other hand, gives every indication this is how he lives his life. It’s enough to put a chill down your spine."


  1. Maggie11:43 PM

    Yes and yes.

  2. Adam C.11:57 PM

    Oh hell yeah.  And oh hell yeah.

  3. I was getting ready to go to bed tonight and decided to watch "Survivor" tomorrow, but then I read this post and had to watch it tonight.

    Oh. My. God. Every season, I start the show thinking there's no way it could be better than "fill in the blank" season. This one's certainly been interesting. And I can't wait for Colton to get his comeuppance. He's an absolutely loathsome competitor, but he makes for good TV watching.

  4. Joseph J, Finn1:57 AM

    So what was the incredibly stupid move my Twitter feed went nuts over?

  5. Dan Suitor2:18 AM

    The male tribe, at the urging of Colton (who is playing a masterful social game) gave up tribal immunity to vote one of their own members off.

  6. Joseph J. Finn10:52 AM

    Thank you Dan, and finally finding the AV Club recap...What.  The.  Crazyballs.  Hell?

  7. Adam C.11:15 AM

    Also, Leif's wooden supply box bed/coffin.  Team Leif!

  8. Adam C.11:18 AM

    Wondering too how long after last night's episode aired Colton's housekeeper began baking him a special pie.

  9. bella wilfer2:41 PM

    Colton is plain evil. I was disgusted by the entire tribal council...though thought Bill handled his end with extreme class.