Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HOLD TIGHT TO YOUR ANGER, AND DON'T FALL TO YOUR FEARS:  Early impressions of Wrecking Ball?  I'll start with this: I was not impressed with the title track when it was debuted on the last tour -- felt more like a novelty than anything else -- but in its new incarnation, it's an intense, moving rocker.  What I've heard so far across the album suggests Bruce's best work since The Rising, at least, and possibly better. I look forward to this next week of intense listening and re-listening.


  1. sconstant9:21 AM

    Love it, especially the title song, All My Tears, and the Dylan cover.  Her voice is etherial, and it totally deserved the Grammy it won. 

  2. Adam C.10:26 AM

    Absolutely agree it's better than any of the post-Rising releases -- I'm reserving judgment (for a few more listens, at least) on where it fits in the overall canon.  Most of the songs ought to be great live - certainly the ones played on Fallon last week, and we already know that LoHaD and American Land sound great in concert.  I think "Shackled and Drawn" will be a crowdpleaser too.  The really slow ones, like the special edition track "Swallowed Up (In the Belly of the Whale)," probably won't see the light of day (see what I did there?) in concert.

  3. As long as there's nothing as album-stopping (in a bad way) as "Outlaw Pete," I'll be thrilled.  Seriously, 8 minutes of "OOOOUUUUTTTLLLLAAAAWW PETE!" is not the way to start a Springsteen album.

  4. Adam C.11:14 AM

    It's a great bathroom break in concert, though.

  5. Stacie from St. Louis3:51 PM

    Jack of All Trades is haunting....

  6. Stacie from St. Louis1:25 PM

    Not sure what you're referring to here, Sconstant....?

  7. sconstant5:18 PM

    I'm not a Bruce Fan, and so to my Adult Album Alternative-listening ears, Wrecking Ball is a 1997 album by Emmylou Harris which was much-played and -lauded. 


    Just being goofy / slightly annoyed at Bruce taking an already-taken-in-the-next-genre-over album title.