Thursday, March 8, 2012

SHE SAID, LIKE, YOU SHOULD READ THIS:  Post-doc fellow Jessica Love explores the linguistics of the quotative like.


  1. Stacie from St. Louis1:32 PM

    It feels as though she was just getting started and then stopped!  I wanted more...

  2. KCosmo's neighbor1:40 PM

    I think I, like, love Jessica Love's exploration of this phenomenon. According to Ms. Love, I've been adding much-needed flair to otherwise dull exchanges. And my children are simply flair-ing away with their dialogue.

    But, back to reality, I do think it's a lazy sort of thing. I find that when I speak slowly, the "likes" have a rougher time interfering with my oh-so-eloquent speech.

  3. Watts2:36 PM

    My dad has two big grammar peeves and "like" is one of them. If I say him "It's, like, so cold in here" he will unfailingly respond, "Is it actually cold or just like cold?"

    The other one, which he cured both me and my brother of as children is asking where something's at.  If you said to him, "Where's the remote at?" his standard reply was "behind the at."

  4. Your dad sounds like my dad. The whole Valley Girl thing started when I was in junior high, and he did not like it at all. My favorite part? When he'd correct my friends in the car. That was awesome!

  5. Marsha4:00 PM

    I'm not bothered by the quotative "like" at all, though I'm sure i should be. However, my world would be a better place if we could eliminate "so he goes" and "so he went" as quotatives.

    I have no idea why the latter bothers me and the former doesn't.

  6. Watts4:05 PM

    What about "And then I was all, 'Blah blah' and he was all, 'blah blah'"?

  7. Marsha5:18 PM

    I don't love that either, but it doesn't grate as much as "so he goes."

  8. "So I says to Mabel ..."

  9. isaac_spaceman5:49 PM

    I think the point of the article is that the title should be: "SHE WAS LIKE, 'YOU SHOULD READ THIS'".  Otherwise, the "like" is not quotative. 

  10. Adlai9:19 PM

    The correct abbreviation of "postdoctoral fellow" is "postdoc."