Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ANOTHER COMMENT ON COMMENTS:  Echo has informed us that as of October 1, 2012, they will discontinue their support for comments on blogging sites.  We had moved to Echo from Haloscan at the end of 2009 when the former took over the latter, and they've been cheap and reasonable with us ever since.

As I understand it, our main free options are Blogger itself, Disqus, and Intense Debate.  Our goals for a commenting system remain:
  • It should be free.
  • It should be simple and clean as a layout matter.
  • It should not require a complicated login, and must protect the pseudonymity/anonymity of our users.
  • It should synchronize with our existing comments, which reach 2,000/month.
  • It should allow comment reading and posting from all mobile devices.
  • It should allow for easy moderation/editing/spam protection.
  • Ideally, it would allow for threaded comments, "like" buttons, etc.
  • It should reward its bearer with riches beyond his or her wildest imagination.


  1. isaac_spaceman6:21 PM

    Where's the part where we disclose that we are collecting our commenters' information and selling it to retailers? 

  2. Right after we reveal that you're actually Robert Downey, Jr., Isaac.  (Note:  Isaac is not, in fact, Robert Downey, Jr.)

  3. slowlylu6:46 PM

    I think we've established Isaac Spaceman is in fact NPH and Anne Hathaway's agent. 

  4. Hannah Lee6:47 PM

    I like the last bullet item, if you replace "bearer" with "bearer and all the semi-regular commenters".

    And if you're asking, vote for no password/no registration if possible.  (I've got enough passwords/logins to deal with for serious things...I like my pop culture passtimey things to not pin me down or frustrate me with Captcha puzzles.)

    Also whatever has the least (fewest?) widgets bogging down page loads, and is the least likely to automatically post comments in triplicate.

  5. Dan F6:54 PM

    I still think that if the best service is not free, you should let us pay for it.  Once a year, throw up a PayPal link, accept only $2 or $5 donations, and it'll be over in an hour!

  6. If you ever need legal advice on that front.....

  7. Watts8:09 PM

    It shalt not forbid the use of all caps, because I LIKE THEM TOO MUCH.

    Doesn't DISQUS require either registration with them or using a third party account for authentication (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?

  8. I think so. Would that be a dealbreaker for folks?

  9. Meghan9:29 PM

    Twitter's easy to create an anonymous account on.

  10. isaac_spaceman9:43 PM

    It's pretty clear at this point that I'm Julianne Phillips.

  11. It's not a dealbreaker for me (she writes as she's logged in through her Twitter account). But someone upthread mentioned it.

    You can also register for a Disqus account using any email you like.

  12. kenedy jane12:26 AM

    I can't join Pinterest because of my abnormal aversion to Twitter, FB, etc.  Guess if you guys go to a service that requires it, I'll break down and do the anonymous Twitter account.  Pinterest isn't worth it, but you are.

  13. Alan Sepinwall1:25 AM

    I think I asked this last time this was discussed, but why didn't you just go with the Blogger commenting system to begin with? I used it on What's Alan Watching? 1.0 and never had any issues with it. Is it compatible with all your pre-existing comments?

  14. It's one we're considering--they just launched threaded comments, apparently, which is a huge plus.