Sunday, April 1, 2012

HIS FIRST VIRAL VIDEO IN WHICH HE DOES NOT INTRODUCE HIMSELF AS "WONDER MIKE":  In an effort to combat the harms of distracted walking, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter today has debuted the City's pilot program for E-Lanes.


  1. More seriously, in NYC, we desperately need a "sidestand" area on sidewalks in certain areas where people (e.g, tourists) can stand and stare off into space, take pictures, or otherwise simply stop for no apparent reason.

  2. Watts5:38 PM

    Oh. I do that here sometimes. 

    I vote we call it the "Rainbow Connection Lane" - for the lovers, the dreamers...

  3. Cute.  All that's missing is the wall of rotating knives at the end of the e-lane.

  4. Samir Patel7:34 PM

    This is an amazing idea.  My scientific* calculations predict that this will reduce pedestrian traffic accidents by approximately seventeen percent, saving untold thousands of pairs of perfectly good pants from wayward double foam no fat lattes.

    *This study makes use of the "tater tots" method, in which I check how many tater tots are left in the bag in my freezer, and extrapolate a general statistic based upon aforementioned datum.

  5. Abby G8:58 AM

    I do love me some Nutter.