Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I CHECKED, AND THE DATELINE IS APRIL 2: Ugh, my beauty is such a curse, says Daily Mail contributor Samantha Brick. If you were the most beautiful woman in the entire world -- Helen of Troy come back to life -- you still could not get away with this.


  1. Abby G4:37 PM

    I think it's pretty clear from the article that it's not her looks that invite other women's resentment, but her personality.

    And why would the Daily Mail publish this?  I think it's trying too hard for page views and controversy to publish such an asinine piece.

  2. Randy4:40 PM

    If something has ever called for a Livia Soprano "POOR YOU!", this article is it.

  3. Watts4:48 PM

    Y'all just jellus.

  4. Are we certain this isn't an Onion article? Or a late April Fool's joke?

  5. tortoiseshelly4:59 PM

    Sigh. I have the same problem. Men worship me. Women want to be/kill me.

    It is SUCH a cross to bear, but somehow I manage. It's probably all that free champagne that helps me swallow such an injustice.

  6. Jessica5:08 PM

    If you look at her other articles, you'll understand that she is a deeply insecure woman obsessed with beauty who spends a lot of time convincing herself that she's just too pretty, too perfect for this world and also that her fat husband's distaste for fatties is justified.

    Still not sure why she's got an outlet for her rants as opposed to say, anyone else.

  7. Eric J.5:15 PM

    Perhaps she's Jean Teasdale's British cousin.

  8. I'm reminded of Lori Gottlieb.

    In any event, the author is choosing not to dip her not-THAT-attractive face in acid, so we have what the economists call a revealed preference.

  9. Benner6:18 PM

    The P.G.O.A.T.?

    Anyway, since she opened the door, she's no better than a six.

  10. Samir Patel6:40 PM

    She's not even stunningly beautiful.  That's not an insult -- I mean, she's not bad looking -- but Hayley Williams she is not.

  11. isaac_spaceman8:53 PM

    The way I feel about it is that I really have no business criticizing anybody for the way he or she looks, except that when a person volunteers to have his or her looks criticized (by, for example, entering a reality-TV modeling competition where a person is supposed to be judged on her looks), then he or she is fair game.  And even then, the public (i.e., Internet) criticism should be mild and considered -- save the really mean stuff for behind closed doors, with friends who will join in.  I think Brick qualifies for the "voluntarily subjecting her looks to criticism" exception by writing a story about how inconveniently beautiful she is, but I like the way you put it.  You've made the relevant point without overdoing it. 

  12. isaac_spaceman8:54 PM

    Her husband:  bald French Lemmy

  13. She's a year older than me?   Girl looks old.  

  14. <span>And why would the Daily Mail publish this?  I think it's trying too hard for page views...</span>

    I think their response would be "made you look" before shoving the next chunk of outrage through the news grinder.

  15. gretchen10:13 AM

    I feel that way about 9/10 of the articles that show up on the Daily Mail website.  Also, did anyone read the New Yorker article about the Daily Mail?  The interview with the editor of the Mail Online was depressing and funny.  Apparently, the top three animals for page views are dogs, cats, and monkeys.  This is the kind of cutting-edge research driving the Internet.  Arghh.