Sunday, April 1, 2012

ONCE DESCRIBED AS "DAFFY DUCK TAKEN ONE STEP FURTHER THAN HE ABSOLUTELY HAS TO":  On April 1, 1944, in response to such anarchic animated heroes as Woody Woodpecker, Tex Avery unleashed Screwball Squirrel on the world, and a more vengeful, fourth-wall-breaking protagonist you will not find. He lasted five shorts. Enjoy.


  1. Watts3:56 PM

    Feh - he's no Daffy. He's Bugs with no charm. 

    Daffy is basically the Pete Campbell of the Looney Tunes. He tries so hard and sometimes screws up, but you kind of like him despite/because of his screwups. (Think I'm wrong? Think of Pete and Trudy doing that Charleston at the Derby party.) This Screwball Squirrel is ... is... Lee Garner Jr. at the Christmas party.

  2. What Watts said, mostly, except that I have to trust her for the Mad Men references because I've only watched through season two.  There just isn't anything likeable about that squirrel.  He's a jerk.