Monday, April 2, 2012

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE WHAT JOHN HUGHES WOULD THINK: How do we feel about mobile gaming sensation DrawSomething being used by teens to ask folks to prom?  (And apologies to those of you who've experienced my less-than-stellar drawing skills.)


  1. Watts5:51 PM

    Fine with it in theory - but those examples lack in the execution.  Especially the one-word scrawls. (Compare with my invitation to senior prom:

    You expect me to destroy one good dress and one great dress in order to make one horrible dress for that?

  2. isaac_spaceman6:26 PM

    I don't really get it.  For this to be remotely cute, you'd have to work a decent drawing into the request.  For example, I'm guessing that the second example was supposed to be "cone" (based on the letters, NO THANKS TO THE ARTIST).  So the drawing should be something like two cones, or maybe a cone and a cube, at the Geometry Prom.  Not just a deranged scrawl just asking the question (with surplus question marks).  Without the drawing, it's just hijacking an unrelated medium to deliver the message -- no different from Sharpie-ing "GO TO THE PROM WITH ME" on a Fingerhut catalogue and stuffing it in the girl's mailbox. 

    Back in my day, though, the way we did it was trying to find the girl when she wasn't in the middle of a conversation with somebody, and then asking her.  It was the invitation itself, and not the manner of delivering it, that was supposed to be special.  I know, I am ANCIENT. 

  3. Despite our mutual inability to draw, Matt and I (username tedfrank) are on a 40-win streak. And we don't cheat, like all the teenage girls who expect me to give them three coins for writing "javelin."

    How do you take an iPad screenshot of a DrawSomething board?

  4. You take a screenshot by pressing home and power simultaneously.  Our run is now up to 45, though I'm a little scared by how and why Ted is playing DrawSomething with teenage girls.

  5. gretchen8:36 PM

    Dude.  You haven't lived until you've had an 8-year-old Spaceboy tell you that since you have lousy guessing skills, he'll give you extra clues on Draw Something so you won't miss out on coins :)  The sad part is that he was totally right -- I am a terrible guesser!

  6. spacewoman10:18 PM

    Oh dear. That's almost as mortifying as a high school friend of mine scolding a spaceboy for using words in his masterpiece. Sorry!!!

  7. KCosmo's neighbor6:47 AM

    Don't we always say to our kids "Use your words!" Honestly, those of you out there trying to ask a girl or boy to the prom, speak up!! I seriously think that in a few years, this generation of teens, twenty-somethings, whatevers will cease all verbal communication. I guess I'm ancient too.

    On the other hand, if a boy choose to create a mural for me or a work of fine art and figured out a way to exhibit in a musuem for a night, brought me to that museum and stood me in front of the fine piece of art that somehow indicated he wanted to take me to the prom...I'd find that a suitable time to use art in place of words.

    I'm a bit over all the technology, can you tell? 

  8. I think it's cute - the ones who were asked seemed to like it.  And it's more creative than mumbling into your shoes in the hallway, "So, uh, wanna go to the prom?"

    (I am from a region where we called it "the prom," not just "prom," as in: "What about PROM, Blaine?!")

  9. gretchen10:59 AM

    No no -- it was so endearing!  (Also, I needed the coins...)

  10. KCosmo's neighbor2:28 PM

    Sue..I'm from that same region where we used "the" and hearing Molly Ringwald say "going to prom" always irked me. However, my sister (also hailing from the land of "the") tends to add the to "The Fairwary" (as in the supermarket), and that drives me nuts. Isn't it just Fairway? Do we go to "The Whole Foods" too? Hmm...perplexing.

  11. Adam C.5:25 PM

    Well, my grandmother always called it The Acme, so...