Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PRESENTED, AS ALWAYS, BY A PARADE OF DUCKS:  The thirty-eight winners of the 71st Annual George S. Peabody Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (in Media) have been announced, with winners including HBO's Game of Thrones and Trem√©, Parks & Rec,, Homeland, Portlandia, Jeopardy!, and The Colbert Report's SuperPAC segments.


  1. I normally think of the Peabodys as basically the Pulitzers for TV, with a heavy skew toward "things that reveal the American condition in these times."  Most of these make a lot of sense on that perspective (Parks and Rec is ultimately a show about how people with differing views of government can unite and do good things, Portlandia is to some extent about American optimism and its failings)--just having trouble fitting GOT (which is unquestionably excellent) into that rubric--maybe to the extent it illustrates the failures/flaws of idealism (Ned Stark) and the triumph of calculation (pretty much every other character)?

  2. Jenn.4:53 PM

    Peabodys announcement day always makes me smile for the University of Georgia.  (Woof.)